Places in DC where I will likely be a regular


Qualia Coffee in Petworth. Qualia. Coffee. It all depends on whether or not their coffee is good enough to justify the trek, I guess. But they are a micro-roastery (yes I know that’s not a real word), so that’s encouraging, as is the excerpt from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Qualia on their website.

(Found via their ad on Prince of Petworth)


  1. Ruth

    I’m looking at apartments in Petworth this weekend. One of which is my new #1 want.

    Plus, I need to take you to Teaism when you get here!

  2. zosa

    “micro-roastery”…I love it!

  3. Hey Dave,

    Glad you could stop by Qualia today. I hope you have time to come by and check out the bike clinic on Saturday.


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    […] befriended the people who work at our neighborhood coffee shop (which has more than lived up to my high expectations, and keeps us supplied with the freshest and best goddam coffee I have ever tasted).  My roommate […]

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