Washington, Washington

Washington, washington by Dave Kleinschmidt

This isn’t about Washington, per se. What it is is a non-exhaustive list of things that I love that I’ve discovered or re-discovered (etc.) since moving here. Consider it a sort of belated New Year’s retrospective/thank-you.

  • Learning. In particular, language, sounds, and computers. Also, brains.
  • Bikes, especially my fixie, now that I am finally strong enough to ride it.
  • Biking. Note that loving biking is actually different from loving your bike, although they are of course related. Being able to hop on my bike and get to work, or get coffee, or go to the store, or go anywhere, really, is quite exciting.
  • Public transit. Because, let’s face it, sometimes the weather is shitty, and sometimes there is awesome people-watching to be done on the 90/92.
  • Ruth.
  • A good, sharp knife.
  • Beer, wine, coffee, food.
  • Having more than one place to go for all of the above.
  • Having people to do all of these things with.
  • Live music.
  • A medium-sized city. At least this one, anyway. Especially when they have both Civil War-era row-houses and all of the, you know, things that come with being the national capitol.

That is to say, I’m having a great time in DC, and this whole “being a Real Person” thing has worked out a lot better and a lot more easily than I could have hoped.

(Link: photo from flickr)


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